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Virtual  me chilling in the Gotta Catch'em Hall @ Thought Bubble's 2020 online con

My names Matthew and I am a visual artist and comics maker, like a lot of comics folk I do a lot of other stuff too, I work in videogames and enjoying painting and visual development (feel free to have a poke around the site to see for yourself) I love to tell stories with as few words as possible through creating colourful illustrations and compositions (as well as sequential art when possible).



A less virtual me during 2021's Thought Bubble event!

A selection of quicker story compositions & illustrations.

'Log book' early pages depicted below is a combined comic and visual art project I'm currently developing for print in 2023, exploring the character of a sentient wooden log that is trying to come to grips with their own existence, origins, and place in the world. For me personally It represents a more direct engagement with sequential art and comic formats than I've previously attempted before, which is proving to be fun challenge.


Here's a summary of some of my small press comic and zine work form the past few years, some info on each in the descriptions. Ranging from 20 - 40 pages.

In the past I've summarised my comic work as follows:


 I'm making comics simply to figure out what they are. 

As a result I've enjoyed making little zine media experiments, as much as attempting completed comic works, and tabling has proved invaluable in getting a sense of where to go next with my work - plus meeting other creators is the absolute best!


Thanks for reading!


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