Hi there! if you're reading this you probably have been directed here by the lovely folk at Thought Bubble! Back in 2020 I was chilling in the virtual Gotta Catch 'Em Hall along with my virtual table-mate Paula Lucas  - but in 2021 I'm very excited to say we'll be in Redshirt Hall, really looking forward to seeing you al there.


My names Matthew and I am a visual artist and comics maker, like a lot of comics folk I do a lot of other stuff too, I work in videogames and enjoying pointing and visual development (feel free to have a poke around the site to see for yourself


However all the good creamy 'comicy stuff' that I'd normally be tabling with is all here though! Click on any anything you find interesting and it'll give you a bit of info. The online shop is not currently open, but if you can't get along to Thought Bubble this year -  feel free to reach out and I'd be happy to drop something to you, cant quite do shipments internationally/EU just now, but bear with me!

Thanks so much for taking a quick look, last year while presenting digitally only I tried to summarise my approach to comics in a quick passage which I'd written at the start of 2020;

I work full time as visual artist in video games, while there's cross over - creating comics is a personal passion of mine, so I'm fascinated by little ways of making things, and maintaining creative momentum around other commitments through daily or monthly creation challenges.


Perhaps on reflection, my work sits somewhere in the space between comics and zines, by being neither true to some of the more traditional comic formats, or being entirely in the cast of the 'lo-fi' handmade editorial of zines.

I suppose put a touch more simply, (and perhaps more honestly)  I'm making comics simply to figure out what they are. Sorry for all the typos, but I hope you like the drawings!