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Gun JAm
Jawdrop Games 2023

This was a super fun project to contribute towards, providing visualisation and ideation for the art team and creative director during early stage production. As a rhythm based FPS game, the visuals needed to reflect the rules of the game world which are dominated by sound and audio.

Goals of this project was to help develop some shape language and some exploration of the game's world and it's props for the team to build on, including some prop design and character development.

Promo shots from the environments from various Gun Jam levels, created and lit in Unreal engine by the fantastic art team post concept design phase.


Shape & Environment

After some discussion with the team, my contributions had a focus on quicker design sketches and visualizations over rendered imagery and modelling guides, trying to find the correct direction for the project, and how to build up a world from separate level-building elements and forms, Here's some early development, spanning to some more developed and mid production pieces.



Props and signage


After the initial exploration of environments, was necessary to progress to prop designs for dressing the environment, trying to find ways to further tell the story of the setting and world of Gun Jam. This included with more gameplay related briefs for active game props such as jump-pads and weapons .  

Character development


In addition to the environmental development helping the creative team develop the character design of the game's antagonist and that other characters. These involved some rougher form sheets for discussion - incorporating reference points, roughs, and ideas for the creative team. Just nice being loose and unfussy with this type of work specifically trying to offer some approaches to think about certain characters as well as seeking any visual parallels that the team could follow. 

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