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Casual & Mobile games

Here is a curated summary of work and projects I've worked on in the casual and mobile space. Key roles and projects for me during my mobile and casual games career are: 

Art Director - Factori Studio 2022-2023 - Working as a co-founder and art director for an early stage start-up, creating concepts and character designs, pitch work, and developing prototypes for soft-launch. Developing an early stage concept for a casual narrative football management game Seasons Soccer Manager.

Senior Artist - Ninja Kiwi Europe 2016-2022 -  Creating 2D assets, icons, concepts, and illustrations for multiple mobile titles. Contributing to live projects and existing IPs and new projects from concept to release. Working with the art lead to support junior team members in reaching the desired quality and style on projects through feedback and guidance. Titles Include Bloons Super Monkey 2, Countersnipe, Bloons BTD Adventure Time, and BTD Battles 2

Concept Artist - Full Fat Games 2015 - Working on magical themed Match 3 game Magic Mix-up, concepting board pieces, blockers, and power ups as well as creating backdrop illustrations. Additionally assisting updates on endless runner title Agent Dash

Freelance Concept Artist -  2014 Onwards - Assisting teams with concept and pitch work, including helping team Rainbow Rocket, with their 2014 title Hay Ewe, creating background illustrations, UI and in game 2D assets.

Associate Designer & Illustrator - MindCandy 2013-2013 Creating bright vector based illustrations, and creating early stage concepts for the studios early mobile titles,  including Match 3 Moshling Rescue

Generalist Artist -  Remode Studios 2008-2011 Creating concept work, 2D art assets, and 3D artwork for casual PC games as part of a small indie team, responsible for all visual elements and assisting with the game design, I helped create Mole Control, a friendly puzzle game based on the mechanics of minesweeper.


Seasons  - Football Manager 
Casual, Narrative, Management,  2022

BTD Battles 2 
PvP strategy tower defence, 2021

PvP casual & playful sniping game, 2019

Bloons BTD Adventure Time
Strategy Tower Defence Crossover, 2018


Bloons Super Monkey 2
Casual Strategy, 2016

Magic Mix-up
Match 3, 2015

Hay Ewe!
Casual puzzle game, 2014

Moshling Rescue
Match 3, 2014

This section focusses on my work on released causal and mobile titles, if you'd like to see a wider range of work, please go here to see a range of my personal work, and other projects. Thanks for reading!

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